Dienstag, 5. September 2017


Hi, willkommen bei Starlight.rocks! Da wir selbst noch nicht wissen worum genau es bei Starlight.rocks geht, überlassen wir es den Besuchern unserer Seite darüber zu philosophieren in welche Schublade man uns stecken möchte. 

Um euch auf unserer Seite wohlzufühlen solltet ihr jedoch genau wie wir Spaß an guter Musik, Interesse an neuen Bands und vor allem eine Menge guter Laune mitbringen. Teilt ihr genau diese Eigenschaften mit uns dann seit ihr, bei Starlight.rocks richtig!

About Heavy-Town -

Hi, my Immortals and welcome to Heavy-Town!
My name is Lila from Starlight.rocks a metal and rock magazine from Germany. Every week you can find on our website news and reviews about different bands and artists. In categorys like “Starlight meets bands” we go especially for you on various concerts where we interview bands and write (collect) a live report about the show so that you have a better view behind the scenes.
Together with the international independent magazine and news platform Your First Way we created a music portal for everyone who loves metal and rock music. But it isn’t our intention to reinvent the wheel again.
Every band, every artist can „embedd“ their music from any establish portal into our website. Of course, the possibility exists that they upload their videos in our site right away. Bands and artists that are interested and wanna put there videos directly on this site, should send us an email so we would create a profile for them.
To feel well on our website, you need to enjoy good music, being interested in this kind of scene and the most important thing… Being in a good mood. If you share these characteristics with us then you’re very welcome!
heavy.town is a tribute to our “immortals” readers. Metal and rock lovers from all other the world can watch their favorite bands or favorite rock and metal genre on our website. Also, they can share their opinions with other Immortals in the comments. For us it is important that everyone, who likes this kind of genre, feels comfortable on our site. Have fun!
Lila is out,
be the beat with you!